West Elm

ROLE: Product Designer, UX/UI Designer, Lead Engineer
CATEGORIES: Design Systems, Design, Development, Apps, Websites

West Elm, born in 2002, has become a well known do-good industry leader in the furniture space. The prompt was very simple, how do we create a unified visual digital brand.


Not having a digital style guide allowed the team to evaluate what was working and identify areas that needed improvement. Working with the Digital Design Director we established a new comprehensive digital style guide that also helped establish promotional volumes for West Elm that allows them to meet business goals while also ensuring additional messaging comes through.

With a comprehensive design system we broken everything down into a series of components. We used an atom based approach which allows West Elm to make new components based on existing atoms. These components then help designers quickly sketch ideas for new digital experiences.

Having a design system allows for new pages to be created quickly and new experiences to be brought to market faster. 


AppleTV App

ROLES: Product Designer, Lead Engineer
CATEGORIES: Design, Development, Strategy, Websites, Apps

After creating the company’s first content service for video, we decided to put the scalability of the service to test by creating an Apple TV app that is powered by the video service. At launch Fireplace by west elm became on of the top 20 apps for Apple TV and was featured in House Beautiful and Apartment Therapy.

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I’m Kirk Mueller – designer, builder, and previous partner and director of digital at Studio Mercury.

At Studio Mercury, I produced comprehensive award winning brand identities, campaigns, and digital products that spanned multiple industries and platforms. As co-founder and director of digital at Studio Mercury, I oversaw the creation of digital identities, translation of brands throughout their digital projects, and manages all aspects of projects from start to finish between multiple stakeholders, designers, and development teams. I wrote, pitched, and presented proposals that allowed our studio to compete and win projects with $500k budges. I lead both creative and development teams of between 5-15 people, all while working on multiple projects (usually between 8-12 concurrently). I lead branding and strategy sessions for all of our new clients. I’m a passionate leader with success in building, mobilizing, and developing cross-functional teams of strategists, designers, programmers, directors and photographers.

While pursuing my Masters at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), I developed a healthy skepticism of the role of technology in our lives. He believes the integration of technology should be purposeful and well thought out and applies this ethos to my work.

Sometimes when I’m tired of looking at the screen, I’ll hand-print wallpaper or hack Nintendo cartridges. Working with my hands helps fuel my inner maker.

I currently live and work in New York City.


You can reach me at: [email protected]
LinkedIn or Instagram.

You can reach me at: [email protected]
LinkedIn or Instagram.


You can reach me at: [email protected]
LinkedIn or Instagram.

You can reach me at: [email protected]
LinkedIn or Instagram.

You can reach me at: [email protected]
LinkedIn or Instagram.